Love & Lies (rosesanplacebos) wrote in foodtrackers,
Love & Lies


This is kind of random, but I love this community. I have only been here a few days (no more than a week) but its awesome. Some great questions being asked, some even better answers being given. Awesome friendly people but NO ONE UPDATES.
I love to help and of course get helped once-in-a-while but I can't do that if everyone continuesly forgets about the community. We need to loosen things up, and get people more active.
-update with progress. its not hard, takes no time.
-heard of a new food/product? tell us
-find a diet that doesnt work? or does? we want to know
-any tips? we are all interested
-got a question? we have answers
Sorry this is a weird post, especially since I am not a mod or anything. But I just hate seeing good communities go down the drain. so help me get this community ACTIVE (in one way or another)   !

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