jessie (jkny21) wrote in foodtrackers,

my day!

so after a gain of .2 this week at my weight watchers weigh in, and after a good look at my journals, i've come to the conclusion that i dont think i've been eating enough. the last few weeks my appetite has just been very... mehh. im not trying to NOT eat, but i've been eating when im hungry, and that doesnt seem to be enough. so today i made a conscious effort to eat more good-for-me stuff.. so here it is!

1/2 cup fat free sweetened cottage cheese (2pts)
1/2 cup grapes  (.5 pts)

1 thomas lite english muffin (1 pt)
1 chili bean veggie burger (1 pt)
1 piece ff cheddar cheese (1pt)
a big bowl of steamed broccoli (0 pts)

salad with 4 oz tuna packed in water (4 pts)
2 tablespoons just2 good dressing (1 pt)
1 can progresso chicken and rice soup (3.5 pts)
ww ice cream for dessert! (2 pts)

1 cup post bran cereal (2 pts)
1/2 c. 1% milk (1 pt)
1 small apple (1 pt)

that brings me to my target of 20 points for the day. i also did a bunch of walking. i'd say i had a pretty well-balanced day!

hope you're all doing well :)
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