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I wanted to introduce myself. I am 25 years old and currently weigh 127 pounds. I am only 5'1", so weight looks bad quickly on me. I really should be around 115 pounds. I used to weigh 133 pounds and lost 16 pounds on Weight Watchers last year. Last March, I was weighing in at 117. It felt good to lose all that weight so I kind of got careless about my diet and have almost gained all of it back! It's so depressing that it takes sooo long to come off but its so easy to put it back on.

I have been trying to stay on track with Weight Watchers again but I am having trouble staying motivated. My clothes are starting to feel tight and I just can't seem to stop eating. I like the idea of this group to help me stay motivated.

Right now I am sick & I also sprained my ankle so I haven't been able to go to the gym which is really essential for me to stay fit (since my eating habits are so poor).

So anyway, I am going to try harder tomorrow. I am tracking my weight on weightwatchers.com and hopefully I can start losing instead of gaining.



Oct. 1st, 2006 07:15 am (UTC)
Well your on the right track. You made the choice to try and stick with it. You have it difficult right now with a sprained ankle but stay on this site and you'll be fine. You can always contact me if you need extra motivation.
The best way to start losing subtle weight and feel better immediately is to change what your digesting. Try healthy substitues. For example; egg beater vs an egg. or 2% milk vs whole. The little things add up quickly. Also, if your a coffee drinker try tea. Green tea especially is amazing for your body. Tastes great, excellent diebetic and detoxes your body to the point of feeling totally new and refreshed. Anyway keep it up!!


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