Love & Lies (rosesanplacebos) wrote in foodtrackers,
Love & Lies

Hey everyone, my last post here was about promoting the community and making it more active with people posting more...That was a month ago.
Sorry to be a hypocrite.
In all honesty a couple hours after posting that I ran into some personal problems. Mostly due to the fact that I am a "recovered" anorexic. I won't go into details but who needs them anyway. I decided that I needed to lose some weight again, get down to 93/96lb area to make myself feel....whole...again. I was afraid of falling back into my old ways so I started out super careful, my diet only being stricted to 1300calories a day and just making general healthy eating choices. Unfortunately my calorie counting journal was found by my boyfriend who is fully aware of my past. He threatened to tell and made me promise to (try) and stop. I did honestly try but I couldn't help that my stomach had already shrank.
A week later I went to the doctor (for a totally unrelated reason) and I weighed 114lbs at 5'8". He freaked out and told my mom. So to make a long story short my every move has been under strict survellance since then. I have a feeling it might get worse as of today though.
I went to the gym and randomly stepped on the scale to see what it said...109. I was so happy I could have cried. Unfortunately, my mom was standng right behind me.
But I am recharged and ready to continue losing the weight now. Technically I should be slowly losing weight even only consuming 1600calories a day so 1300 is still in a healthy range while still losing weight that much faster.
Anyway that is my boring story about disappearing.
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