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FoodTrackers was started simply because I wanted an easy way to track and compare what I was eating from day to day. With the help of a supportive group of people, figuring out what is best to eat becomes easier. I hope to have a community with wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) who are having a hard time losing the weight they NEED to and are searching for support from their peers.

There are no age requirements to join FoodTrackers, and anyone can post. There are a few rules to the community though, so please pay close attention:

1. No community promos/ads. If you want to promote your community and it has something to do with weight-loss, please contact me via email (kellycatastrophe [at] gmail.com) and i'll place a link to your ad/promo in my affiliates section.

2. No insulting/discriminating of other members. Everyone here wants to lose weight, and some of us have a harder time sticking to our diet plans. Giving positive feedback and constructive advice is why we're here.

3. Do not be afraid to ask food-related questions. Want to know how many calories is in a certain food? One of us will be happy to help you find that out, plus more info!

4. New members should introduce themselves. Even if you are here to lurk, it's best to say hi. There is a simple first post template below for all the newbies.

5. Please make all posts friends-only. This helps keep the sense of security in the community.

6. Absolutely NO pro-ana, thinspiration, anti-fat, insensitive jokes, pro-ED discussion EVER. If I find that this is happening, you will be warned, your post/comment will be deleted. If you continue to discuss any of these topics, you will be banned from the community. No questions asked.

7. Posting pictures of yourself is perfectly fine, we actually incourage it! Just please, please, please put your pics under an lj-cut!

First Time Posters!

Having trouble with breaking the ice? Just fill out this info and post it!

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Current Weight:
4. Current Height:
5. BMI:
6. Ideal/Goal Weight:
7. Are you apart of Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/Etc.?:
8. Do you track your diet online using a tool-site such as Sparkpeople.com?:
9. What you hope to gain by joining FoodTrackers:
10. Any further comments


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